greenHow much does it cost per session?

My standard fee is $150 per 50-minute session, with sessions billed in 1/2 hour increments thereafter.

What if you cannot afford the full fee?

I do also offer a sliding scale based on financial need, as outlined below and based on monthly household income:

$0-$999                     $100

$1,000-$1,999        $115

$2,000-$2,999       $125

$3,000-$3,999      $140

$4,000 and up        $150

*I currently accept cash, check, or credit card

Do I accept insurance?

I currently do not accept insurance, however most insurance companies will reimburse their clients if they submit a receipt for services received. I would be more than happy to provide such a receipt if needed, and to help you with any additional paperwork.

Do I accept California Victim Compensation (Victim Witness)?

Yes I do! If you are unfamiliar with what Victim Witness is, it is a government-funded program (CalVCP) that pays for expenses related to being a victim of or witnessing a crime, including mental health services. For more information or to see if you qualify, please follow the link below:

California Victim Compensation Eligibility

You can also apply for the program by visiting the following link:

California Victim Compensation Program Application

What if I cannot come into the office for therapy?

I do offer sessions via video conference when life circumstances prevent you from being able to make into the office. Because of all the subtleties to therapy, if you are able to come in and meet in person I would always recommend that first. If you are unable to do so, however, please feel free to ask about sessions via video conference.

What do I need to do before attending the first session?

Please follow the link below to read and fill out the necessary forms prior to attending your session. This is done electronically, no need to print, and your confidentiality is ensured via an encrypted server. If you prefer to fill out a hard copy, please let me know prior to our first session.

Client Intake and Informed Consent